CIES - 25 años construyendo conocimiento para mejores políticas

What we do

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  • Produce new  and useful knowledge for the analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of public policies and programs.
  • Improve the quality and relevance of such research.
  • Strengthen and decentralize the national capacity for research and teaching in economic and social issues.
  • Foster  dialogue and interaction among academia, the public sector and civil society.
  • Promote recognition of and support for socio economic research in Peru.
  • Obtain funds to support  research.

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  • CIES Annual Research Competition

Since 1999, there is a call for proposal for the Annual Research Competition, the only source for economic and social studies with an independent panel of judges that assigns 300 thousand dollars per year to the different categories.Since 1999 CIES convenes an annual competition to fund new research on economic and social policies that generate evidence to contribute to better decision-making by the state.  CIES has promote more than 600 investigations, 200 publications and a wide range of seminars, debates, workshops and academic exchanges on economic and social policy.

CIES Annual Seminar  It is the most important event in the Peruvian Academia where topics of national and international relevance are discussed and the winners of the Annual    Research Competition are recognized. Economic and social scientists meet together with public sector officials, businessmen, international cooperation and civil society actors to deliberate current issues from the perspective of policy options raised in the results of the studies commissioned to researchers from partner institutions of CIES through Annual Research Competition.

  • Public Sector Consultative Group

The Public Sector Consultative Group (PSCG) is a group composed by senior representatives from public sector involved in economic and social policy. It is the reference group for the CIES research needs of the public sector. It seeks to strengthen the link between the academic community and the Peruvian State. Since june 2008, CIES has organized six meetings with the Public Sector Consultative Group.

  • Presidential Academic Dialogue Programme

The Presidential Academic Dialogue Programme involves a series of evidence-based debates on key policy topics. The first dialogue was on microfinance and the next will be on decentralisation. After the President proposes the debate topic, CIES summons a plural and multidisciplinary team of researchers, technical experts and practitioners to carry out analysis and identify key policy messages and recommendations. The dialogue is then organised as a closed meeting at the Government Palace, chaired by the President and gathering a selected group of high-level public sector officials and experts. Note that the aim is not to achieve any specific policy changes, so as to avoid vested interests, lobbies or particular agendas.

  • Private Sector

Since 2006, the Consortium has prepared a policy brief for the Annual Entrepreneurs Conference (CADE) giving us more visibility among the business community.
Furthermore, CIES has already installed a Private Sector Consultative Council, which gathers CEO or top Officers from large extractive, finance or service enterprises. A further step in building trust with the private sector has been Scotiabank´s sponsorship to CIES Annual Research Competitions 2008 and 2009 by awarding three junior researchers up to 15,000 USD per year. .