CIES - 25 años construyendo conocimiento para mejores políticas

Who we are


1.1 Our mission
The Consortium has a dual mission. On the one hand it produces knowledge; on the other, it assures their relevance to those making public policy decisions.

1.2  Who we are
The Consorcio de Investigación Económica y Social (CIES) (Economic and Social Research Consortium) it´s a Peruvian umbrella organisation with 50 institutional members, including think tanks, research centres, NGOs,    private consultancies and public agencies. Read our institutional brouchure

1.3 What we do

1.4 Our history

2. CIES experience
2.1 Institutionalizing the demand for research: Public Sector Advisory Council for research organizations
CIES, 2008 - 2019.- CIES counts with a key mechanism in order to strengthen the relations with the public sector: the Public Sector Consultative Council, a multisectoral participation space intended to contribute to a better understanding of the problems and create shared visions, focusing on public policy priorities of the country. Read more

2.2 Electoral Processes and Debates in Peru: the CIES experience

CIES, 2005 - 2018.- Our project “Elections Peru: Centering the electoral debate” began in 2005. CIES has organized 17 electoral debates (national and regional), some of them with the National Electoral Board, and  published 72 policy papers and roadmaps for better policies. Technical Debates between political party teams were launched for the first time in Peruvian electoral history. CIES has inspired and advised election projects in five Latin American countries:Ecuador , Argentina , Colombia , Paraguay and Honduras.  Read: 2016 Presidential Debates in Peru Co-Organized with CIES   Our electoral brochure

2.3 Lasting Impact. Research that improves lives
IDRC-Canadá, april 2010.- When top officials in Peru need expert advice, they know who to call. Recommendations made by CIES  have led to a healthy energy sector; modern customs, export, and labour laws; stronger consumer protection in banking; and higher unemployment insurance payments during the economic downturn. Interview with Peru´s Minister about CIES. Read more

2.4 Knowledge translation innovations in Perú
ODI 2009.- In the past three years, the CIES, a Peruvian umbrella organization with 44 institutional members, including think tanks, research centres, NGOs, private consultancies and public agencies, has institutionalized two initiatives that aim to establish a sustained, autonomous and proactive relationship between research and policy spheres.

2.5 CIES Case Study: Strategic evaluation on capacity development for research
IDRC-Canadá, february 2008.-  This document presents the organizational case study on the Peru Social and Economic Research Consortium (CIES, from its acronym in Spanish).  The objective of the case study is to describe how IDRC’s support over time contributed to the development of capacities of individuals, member organizations, and the Consortium itself as a network or umbrella organization. Read full Report, Read Executive Summary, Read Case study brief.

2.6 CIES Institutional Report, 1999-2004
One of the main problems facing developing countries such as Peru, is the longstanding divorce between socio-economic research and public policy. To contribute to close this gap, the CIES has been working since 1999 to support applied research and its dissemination to policy makers, the media and advocacy groups from civil society. Read more

3. CIES Institutional Videos